Delicious global food gather in Hoi An

Thứ bảy,12/11/2016

Citizens and visitors to the four directions have the opportunity to explore the typical cuisine in the world took place at the International Food Festival Hoi An 2017, from 22 to 26-3.

Món ngon toàn cầu quy tụ ở Hội An
The cuisine of the Swedish chef has many customers eagerly waiting to enjoy - Photo: Tan Luc

During the festive days, An Hoi statue garden on the banks of the Hoai River (Hoi An, Quang Nam) becomes the outdoor kitchen, where showcasing talented 12 chefs from the World Chefs Association. & Nbsp;

Tourists everywhere come and go to see and enlist the enjoyment of countless delicious dishes of the country.

Thomas Andeas Gugler, president of the World Chefs Association, is confident that people and visitors to Hoi An have had a wonderful experience these days. It is to enjoy the new dishes with special taste by skilled chefs. And this is also the opportunity for chefs around the world to experience the culinary culture and people of Vietnam.

On the first night of the festival, the famous Russian chef Victor Belyaev - who was introduced for more than 30 years in charge of the Kremlin's main kitchen - serves Blini.

It is Russian pancakes, coated with barley flour and eggs. The cake is fried with butter, sprinkle a little salt with mango, apples or diners can optionally fish the fish finely chopped. Victor Belyaev says that this is a popular daily food of the Russian people. The cake is fat, soft and aromatic with butter, salty taste helps to balance the taste.

Meanwhile, Greek chef George Mastro Dimitris of Macedonian Cuisire restaurant in northern Greece - attracts diners by the unforgettable fragrance emanating from the oven. He brought the grilled pork and Greek salad that he refused to reveal the secret. Scramble the cooked medium to hot smoked sauté, dip a bit of chicken egg sauce. Stuffed and tasty meat, served with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes to avoid boredom.

"Great! Everything we need is available in Hoi An market, from fish meat to vegetables. There is a great source of raw materials, especially vegetables, and their taste is enchanting, "George Mastro Dimitris said excitedly as he continued to grill.

Nguyen Thi Kim Hang - tourist - excited to share each dining room brought a different color, taste. "I have tasted some typical American, Northern European and Southeast Asian cuisines and found them to be really special, delicious and strange," Kim said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Vice Chairman of Hoi An People's Committee, proudly says that Hoi An has a long and rich culinary culture..

"The authorities and people here see food as the strength of Hoi An tourism. Cuisine helps light up the love in the heart of visitors. This culinary festival is the occasion to promote and affirm Hoi An tourism brand. Besides, it also creates conditions for local restaurants to learn and improve their skills, aiming to bring Hoi An into the Vietnamese food capital, "Son said.

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